Hortonville's first wedding, Hewitt-Sheldon

(Taken from New London Buyers' Guide/Hortonville Centennial, August 16, 1994. Posted with permission from the Press-Star, New London/Hortonville, Wisconsin.)

According to the writings of Matthew McComb, the first marriage was contracted between Jahn A. Hewitt and Susan A. Sheldon, who came from north of Wolf River, then a part of Hortonia. The ceremony was performed by John Easton, justice of the peace, at Matthew McComb's cabin in the month of April, 1850.

The river was swollen by spring floods, and the bride and groom built a raft of driftwood, got on board and crossed the river. They became entangled in the trees and bushes on the south side of the river.

Finding they could go no further with their unwieldy craft, yet not willing to return unmarried, they joined hands and plunged in and waded forty rods or more through two and a half feet of water to the shore.

After the ceremony the groom, taking his wife by the hand, said, "Lets go home," and they returned in the manner they came. The narrator continues, "Many waters could not quench their love, neither did the floods drown it."

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